You don’t like to swallow?

We men like when our partner swallows – at least we take it as a normal thing since we’ve been watching tons of porn from an early age. There is nothing wrong with swallowing partner but once we are asked to swallow, now that is a problem. And it doesn’t have to be only the “genetic material” that is being swallowed over here, but some people might be generally “allergic” for any swallowing – including pills. These people know that erectile tablets are the only possible way to treat their erectile dysfunction however they just can’t swallow these pills. And then there is a huge portion of customers, who would gladly change the swallowing of pills for a something… like a jelly?

Spoon or mouth?

Now Apcalis oral jelly is some goddamn magic since there has never been anything better than that. Really guys, it won’t get more fantastic than that. We are talking about the PEAK of our technology – erectile tablets in the form of a jelly. You just have to pour it onto a spoon or in your mouth and BAM, you have the same effect as if you were swallowing pills and its even faster!

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